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Help your child get the most from his or her treatment by following these treatment tips:

  • Gather all of the materials you need before injecting GENOTROPIN
  • Inject GENOTROPIN at the same time each day (such as bedtime)
  • Inject GENOTROPIN in a different area each day (such as the thigh, stomach, or rear end)
    • Use your GENOTROPIN calendar and stickers to help you keep track of injection sites and times
  • You should avoid missing doses. Missing too many doses may affect your child's growth. If you miss a dose, ask your doctor or nurse what to do
  • Have your doctor record and monitor your child's height and weight over time
  • Make sure your child has a well-balanced diet and gets enough sleep and exercise
  • Discuss with your doctor how long your child should stay on treatment


Download a Growth Tracker Chart

Other Ways to Show Support

In addition, be supportive of any physical or emotional concerns your child may have. Try to encourage your child to engage in activities he or she enjoys that will help bolster his or her self esteem. And as always, ask for your doctor’s advice on what activities your child can participate in.

One way to help your child feel more independent is to teach him or her to self-inject. This will give your child a sense of control over his or her treatment. You, your child, and the doctor can decide the best time to take this important step.

It may also be helpful to inform any adults or guardians, such as family members, friends, and teachers, about your child's slower-than-normal growth and his or her use of an injection treatment for the condition.